The Aeropress, manufactured by the Aerobie Flying Ring company, is the most versatile brewing device on the market today. Depending on what type of filter disk is chosen it has the ability to produce full bodied or clean and light filter coffee or even espresso style shots. This is the perfect travel brewer and is even ideal for brewing on a plane!

What you need:

  • Aeropress
  • Aeropress filter (paper, stainless mesh, or lasercut stainless)
  • Stirrer
  • 15g Coffee
  • Filtered Water (BWT recommended)
  • Scales
  • Gooseneck Pouring Kettle
  • Timer

Step 1

Place filter in screw cap, pour water through filter and capture in cup. Insert plunger into main body, invert and pour in water to preheat device.

Step 2

Grind coffee depending on filter choice, either medium to fine particle size with the consistency of sand for lighter filter coffee, to the consistency of table salt for espresso.

Discard water from mug/server.

Place Aeropress inverted on scale and add ground coffee. Tare scale.

Step 3

Start your timer.

Pour your water at a temperature of 80-94 degrees based on previous taste preference as well as filter choice. Pour up to 225g of water, no need to have the coffee bloom with this method.

Using the stirrer make sure there are no dry pockets of coffee at the plunger. Stir to agitate the coffee using your preferred method (North-South-East-West or clockwise then counter-clockwise).

Let the coffee steep for 1:30 minutes.

Step 4

Lock filter in place with screw cap.

Just before extracting swirl unit to ensure all coffee grounds are suspended in slurry.

Place emptied mug/server upside down on Aeropress and carefully flip them both until upright.

Cautiously press the plunger downward in a straight vertical down motion trying to finish the plunge in 30 seconds. Stop pressing when the sound of air escaping through the grounds is detected. Pull the plunger back 1cm to prevent spillage.

Step 5

Enjoy your coffee.